List of Papers

Below you will find a list of papers arrange alphabetically by author. The full programme with timings will be released shortly – this is just to whet your appetite!


Gillian Clarke: Poetry Reading

Juliette Wood: Ted Hughes and the Mabinogion


Beyond the British Library: Ted Hughes archives in the UK

Pat Aske (Pembroke College, Cambridge University), Christine Faunch (University of Exeter), Carrie Smith (Cardiff University), James Underwood (University of Huddersfield)

Poetry in the Making: From Then to Now: Making Change

Mick Gowar (Angelia Ruskin University, UK), Claas Kazzer (Independent scholar, Germany), Lorraine Kerslake (Alicante University, Spain), Lissa Paul (Brock University, Ontario Canada) and David Whitley (Cambridge University, UK)



Selma Alispahić (Sarajevo Film Academy, Bosnia and Herzegovina), ‘Thespian Character of Poetry of Ted Hughes: An Actor from the Role to the Soul’

Di Beddow (Queen Mary University, UK), “It is still there, representing you” – The Cambridge of Birthday Letters

Bella Biddle (Central Saint Martins, UK), ‘The Morrigu Press’

Ruth Crossley (University of Huddersfield, UK), ‘Mapping Elmet: Childhood and Family Roots in the Upper Calder Valley’

Krishnendu Das Gupta (Netaji Subhas Open University, India), ‘The Goddess Within: Hindu Symbology in Ted Hughes’s Poetry’

C E Dreyer (University of South Wales, UK), ‘Ted Hughes and the weaponization of Birthday Letters’

Steve Ely (University of Huddersfield, UK), ‘A Prologue to Capriccio’

Peter Fydler (independent scholar, UK), ‘Crow Zero: Leonard Baskin and the Birth of a Legend’

Terry Gifford (Bath Spa University, UK), ‘Ted Hughes and Science’

Sayuri Hiwatashi (Meiji University, Japan), ‘Capturing Animals: Ted Hughes’s Pike in the Context of Natural History’

Gregory Leadbetter (Birmingham City University, UK), ‘The Fundamental Poetic Event’: Hughes, Poetry and Shamanism

Gary Leising (Utica College, USA), ‘Teaching Birthday Letters in a Sylvia Plath class: Contextualizing, Problematizing, or Mansplaining Ariel?’

Mimi McKay (Independent Scholar, USA), ‘Collecting Ted Hughes: Alone and Among Friends’

Tony Othen (curator, Greenwich Gallery, UK), ‘A day spent with Ted Hughes’

Felicity Powell (University of Sheffield, UK), The Quantum Trickster –Science and Subversion in the work of Ted Hughes

Yvonne Reddick (University of Central Lancashire, UK), ‘Ted Hughes’s Places: Local and International’

Neil Roberts (University of Sheffield, UK), ‘Hughes and Larkin: a Rapprochement?’

James Robinson (Durham University, UK), ‘The Sound of Dante’s Language: An Alternative Medieval Tradition for Ted Hughes’

Katherine Robinson (Cambridge University, UK), ‘Talismans of Power: Welsh Origins of Ted Hughes’s Curative Poetry’

Judy Rye (University of Exeter, UK), ‘Extravagances and Curiosities: Hughes’s Early Stage Plays’

Dibakar Sarkar (Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, India), Hughes and Plath’s Children’s Fiction

Sara Shahwan (Ain Shams University, Egypt), “Two Plus Two Is Five”: Traces of Hughes’s “Myth and Education” in Michael Rosen’s Poetry for Children

Martin Shaw (Schumacher College, UK), ‘Ted Hughes: The etiquette of the uncanny’

Janne Stigen Drangsholt (University of Stavanger, Norway), ‘Come build the empty house of the stare’: Ted Hughes and Dwelling

Mike Sweeting (Independent Scholar, UK), ‘Ted Hughes and Dialect’


Dorottya Tamás (University of Sussex, UK), ‘Summoning the White Goddess: Paganism in Birthday Letters, a Reflection on Sylvia Plath’

Fiona Tomkinson (Nagoya University, Japan), ‘The Golden Lotus: Ted Hughes and Buddhism’

David Troupes (Fellow of the Jerwood Opera Writing Programme, UK), ‘Ted Hughes in Massachusetts’

Mark Wormald (Cambridge University, UK), ‘The Missing Salmon’







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